Monday, April 27, 2009

Amulaya Amul....

Guys...we have been eating Amul butter since our baby days. But i have been always fascinated by their Ads..the chubby little girl has remained mascot of Amul from very start of their Ad. campaign...

Be it the abhi-ash marriage, any imp. movie release or any good event happening around you..Amul is always there to put some extra butteriee delicious humour to it..i have always seen her on hoardings near Delhi fly-overs, front page of TOI, TV ads...etc..few places to name for its presence..

Amul is all set to enter Guniess Book for their longest running ad. campaign..

i have put some of them here...check'em out and enjoy..especially the bollywood ones..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Doggy World....

Do dogs smoke?? yea...that's my question...

Day before yesterday, i had gone with my office mates for their so-called sutta-break(guys..i don't smoke)..we were standing at the cigarette seller's stall..gossiping around...and suddenly one dog came and sat near me. Suddenly,he started pounding my leg. He was expecting me to feed him something. i put some chanas for him to eat. but he just smelled them and made some i-don't wanna-eat-these look and again pounded my leg heavily..i was just wondering is this dog demanding some cigarette to smoke??...sounds weird but just think...this may be right..!!

Its India guys...unbelievable things keep happening. Our former health minister Dr. Venugopal...introduced this much hyped Smoking Ban..(which itself smoked up)everywhere...but that's only for Humans..not for animals!! so Doggy n Animal world....enjoy ur smokii freedom..

Remember that Pug Dog, yea..the Hero of Hutch which just blowed away every dog breed and became everyone's first choice for pet. When it came in this Adv. world, its demand just started touching cloud 9...Before That, the dog was priced at 3000-4000 bucks and even hardly anyone bought it.. but its in Indian blood to go crazy..As people saw him in "U n I in this beautiful world"...people started searching for their next family member and prices straight went up to whopping...50000 bucks.Pug became a star out of also came in movies...Mujhse Shaadi karogi, Fool n Final(remember hajmola..)...but as Vodafone bought Hutch...they just changed everything to their fav. color-- red n pink...n so our pug was shown the pink slip....poor pug!! but anywz....we will miss u pug....!!! i just hope that people don't left their much hyped family member as stray dogs on roads..

Now  its turn of this Portugese Water dog breed which is US's first pet...u got it right...this is Obama's much publicised first pet. Media has left no stone unturned to make the Dog - a treat for every eye. I read this in is getting a price tag of dreamy figure of 1,00,000 bucks....and 5-8 year old  typical-Indian-Daddy-loved-Kid is saying to his papa-" can't we have it! daddy??"   and these Papas...for sake of their kid love...are vandelising every pet shop for this this Hot Delhi weather. Petshop owners are getting dog imported from Thailand, Portugal etc to meet up the our Indian Papa has to make a tough buy this lakhTakiya Nano or this lakhTakiya Kutta!!

Just this Amitabh's dialogue will look like..."Mere paas bunglow hai, gari hai, bank balance hai...n...bachu!..mere paas MAA bhi hai...tumhare paas kya hai...hayin??"

Shashi Kapoor-"Mere paas....Kutta hai!!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gen. Y babies...

Don't get confused for why i have written Gen Y instead of Gen X.....i saw this on TV...for 20th centuary it was Gen X..but now, Gen Y has it.. !!

New gen babies..wat to say about start with..yesterday, i was cmng back to delhi by train..n i saw dis papa n his 1-2 year old son. the son was crying loudly from past 15 mins...his pa tried everything to make him quiet..but all in vain..then came the pa's brahmastra..he took out his nokia cell phone...n gave it in hands of his the cell touched his hands, son was so smiling n like he forgot he was crying..

I believe its a common scene everywhere make a baby smile, put a cell in his hand...i suggest that nokia, samsung shud launch special toy cell phones for these babies....afterall..they form a new untouched customer base....just imagine in near future, a baby boy smsing his couterparts..."i just had bottle was so yuck..low sugar..wat abt u?" or "i just peed on my pa's new shirt" things go age of 3-4, all babies will be making their profiles on orkut, facebook etc....Just Imagine!!

Another thing i hav seen...wat these babies n even when we were ones..learn to do bye n jai(as to prey)....its common..some uncle auntygng back n our Mas will quickly say to her baby"beta!bye karo.."...n baby happily waves his 5 fingers in air...n voila! uncle aunty just left smiling....or whenever a guest comesn to let babies welcome says"beta!jai karo"...two cute hands just come together...this jai is a 2-in-1 thing..a namaste as well as jai to worship...

But whatever these babies learn...they are our future..India's future...n we shud always make them learn gud that they can walk on their success's path throughout life...n then reflect our own India's success..

Babies....Jai Ho!!