Friday, March 13, 2009

first meaningful post...

well friends...its friday and i m sitting in my office..its almost a 3rd holiday for me apart from normal weekends. my mind just pinged me to start writing this blog which i was delaying from past one week(don't know why, may be mood is now)....i just finished my holi celebrations two days back..and can say it was one of the best holis in past few years.. majorly a dry holi for me including some eggs n tomatos..

hmm....i am just thinking which novel to pick next. i just came across this shobha de's blog..what a lady! her writings have always made me more to read. she never looks 61. i have read two of her novels..her novels are always having a factor of a typical mumbian life-revolving around one girl who is just struggling with her surroundings, people around her.. well..i have read 2-3 criticisims about her but still..all love her(include me too in that list)...see her blog for proof..

endless things to write but still.....i am feeling great to start writing in this blog and....with a slight fear in my frens gonna think about my first thoughts. watever they say..good or bad...i love them n will reapect their comments..don't think i m writing for them...but this frens fear factor or they will like this or not has always lived in may be a bad habit but helps me to correct myself..(now thats good for me)....i hope to make this blog more diversified, humourous, non-boring.....

please start posting ur comments or scribble anything here(meaningless and stupid stuff not invited....)
cya later frens!

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