Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gen. Y babies...

Don't get confused for why i have written Gen Y instead of Gen X.....i saw this on TV...for 20th centuary it was Gen X..but now, Gen Y has come....got it.. !!

New gen babies..wat to say about them...to start with..yesterday, i was cmng back to delhi by train..n i saw dis papa n his 1-2 year old son. the son was crying loudly from past 15 mins...his pa tried everything to make him quiet..but all in vain..then came the pa's brahmastra..he took out his nokia cell phone...n gave it in hands of his son..as the cell touched his hands, son was so smiling n giggling..as like he forgot he was crying..

I believe its a common scene everywhere now..to make a baby smile, put a cell in his hand...i suggest that nokia, samsung shud launch special toy cell phones for these babies....afterall..they form a new untouched customer base....just imagine in near future, a baby boy smsing his couterparts..."i just had bottle milk..it was so yuck..low sugar..wat abt u?" or "i just peed on my pa's new shirt"...phew...as things go on...by age of 3-4, all babies will be making their profiles on orkut, facebook etc....Just Imagine!!

Another thing i hav seen...wat these babies n even when we were ones..learn first...is to do bye n jai(as to prey)....its common..some uncle auntygng back n our Mas will quickly say to her baby"beta!bye karo.."...n baby happily waves his 5 fingers in air...n voila! uncle aunty just left smiling....or whenever a guest comesn to let babies welcome guests..ma says"beta!jai karo"...two cute hands just come together...this jai is a 2-in-1 thing..a namaste as well as jai to worship...

But whatever these babies learn...they are our future..India's future...n we shud always make them learn gud things...so that they can walk on their success's path throughout life...n then reflect our own India's success..

Babies....Jai Ho!!

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shikha said...

Gud job done shivu..
Really interesting to read sum gud stuff 4m ur real lyf exp..
Keep it up!!

Highly appreciated...haha :)