Friday, September 2, 2011

B for Bribery, C for Corruption and A for Anna....

The whole month of August belonged to just one man…No guess work needed as the name is on our lips and mind. Our 67 Kg man-ANNA HAZARE( He has gained some weight since he broke his fast..). The man who fasted for 12 days, lived on water and got the government to genuflect in front of him or rather front of the people for whom Anna was fighting.
We can’t say the corruption has ended after all this epic battle of 2 weeks but a ray of hope has been shown to Indians. Jai Anna!

As one week has passed since Anna broke his fast, It seems that its effect is also fading away at a good pace. Today, while standing in office lift, I was the audience to a conversation between two well-educated IT employees. Better name them B and C( A is for Anna.. :-) B had got fined at some traffic signal and was boasting how he escaped the penalty. If A-effect was there, he should have paid the fine. But instead, he paid Rs 100/- ONLY , to the cop and let the A-effect fall into drain. C was, as usual, laughing and learning. And I am sure that C will also do same thing next time-Prefer to pay bribe over fine.

Lord Rama, Krishna, Buddha –all came and went but could not clean the world fully. Same will happen here with Anna Hazare. He will be part of our history books, some roads and statues will be made for him. But his real reason to be here will be forgotten by all.

People boast of following Anna by praising him, by wearing ‘I am Anna’ caps, creating posters and wallpapers. But if we really want some change in this country, we have to wear Anna in our minds and hearts. Our words and deeds can never match but If we can care to give one try by improving characters of all those Bs, Cs in India and making our system more people friendly, the Anna effect will get its due respect.

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