Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plan A...or Plan B??

We have always been following a simple theory in life- Have a Plan, work for it and achieve it. But sometimes, we are not having surety of completion of that Plan when we may encounter chaos/complications/problems/hard situations etc. And at that time, a so called ‘Plan B’ becomes handy and has to be worked out. God may have followed same when he created women first as Plan A but then has to create men along as Plan B to counteract blown up issues of Plan A aka Women ;) I have also followed the same adage, made Plan A every time but seldom achieved it due to my inefficiency, fable spirit to work hard and all other excuses etc. I had thoughts of Plan B too but here is the catch…before I had my Plan B , my destiny already had its another Plan B. and before giving me a chance to execute mine, the destiny had already moved and made its Plan B active. Today, whatever I am is due to this Plan B of destiny. This also supports the fact that whatever happens, happens for good and it is worth believing. I am not sitting with a silver spoon given by destiny but yes, destiny has shown me it’s Plan and I have always worked to keep polishing myself and work harder on that Plan and as a result, I keep getting rewards. Today, if you see any of my friends earning good(7 digit annual salary), studying in good institutes(IIMs, IITs) , they are all eating fruits of their Plan A’ success but I am eating fruits of destiny’s Plan B and I owe to make this success continue.. I hope that this Plan B of destiny and my Plan A will equate someday..

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