Friday, March 16, 2012

Marriage and Facebook!!

Facebook is now a common thing in our life. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, he has been able to add a new spice to the routine recipe of our life i.e. Facebooking… Many of my friends are now in their mid-20s and as our Indian society says, it is the ripe age to get married. Same has been happening too. Many of my friends have got married recently or are about to and their facebook profiles have got sudden changes which have not been seen since they have been active on this social platform. The changes are noticeable well-in advance of their actual marriage itinerary. Few days before engagement and marriage, we can see our friends’ (boys and gals…) status being updated like below- - Bakra halal hone wala hai - Bechara shaheed hone wala/wali hai - 7 days to go, 6 days to go (Seems he/she is going to be launched to space) - Awaiting a new phase of life - Missing you so much… - Oh my jaanu….jhappi palo saanu!( lol) Hilarious enough, and friends are happily liking and commenting on these status like- - Beta,. Bhag le nai toh saari umar pachtayega - Yeh toh gaya - Ab phasa saala - Tera number bhi lag gaya - Doston ko na bhul jaiyo - I am so happy for you You will notice a sudden increase in the number of friends in your friend’s profile during their marriage days. There will be all sorts of friend requests from in-laws, relatives, fiancĂ©e’s friends, brothers, sisters, cousins and blah blah. Your good gonna-be-hooked friend will start getting confused between this whole new junta in his/her profile and has to make some separate lists to for all these gonna-be-family members. People now prefer to make a facebook event of their marriage and invite people over there only., thereby decreasing the all kharcha of getting new wedding cards published and sending them over( Nice idea for cost-cutting) Now, as marriage happens, new photo albums titled engagement, sangeet, pre-marriage preps, marriage day, doli, new home, Honeymoon etc etc. get uploaded on facebook . Special attention is given to those pics which are clicked by photographer at a separate photo session on the engagement/marriage day. Your new groom/bride friend has to keep his and in-laws family on priority while putting these pics, so that all come in balanced numbers and the relatives, especially in-laws get their due respect Girls feel a new pride while changing their surname to match with their husband’s surname. Some girls with a I-want-independence attitude will never change their surname, giving bad signs to husband that he has to remain under her control. Bad days for husbands ahead! I have read this joke somewhere – Husband was having his first night after marriage and he was updating his facebook status . First update- ghunghat utha raha hu, 2nd update- aaj who zyada haseen hai ya chand??…Friends start commenting now--- beta laga reh, keep updating every moment whole night, we are enjoying..;) Thus, facebook has come as a new way to promote your life socially after marriage. After marriage life, photos for events like first festivals after marriage(diwali, holi and karwa chauth..mostly), babies, their schooling etc. and couples pulling their leg by commenting on each other on their walls are going to become a common thing. And, it's not a harm to do so. As our lives are becoming so busy ahead that we forget to keep in touch with ourselves and our dear friends, we can still see these updates, photos someday or the other and laugh them out as good memories!

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