Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ghunghat or Tight jeans??

Should girls wear small clothes? Should girl go away and dress up with traditional ghunghat on face? What should girls do to save their morality? These questions always make many people to have a thought when girls' morality, their safety, their social value comes under question and the only major culprit who is always taken into custody is man and in 90% of the cases, its true. But what's all happening is really correct? Men have this natural ability to get attracted towards a lady who has wore a gaudy dress, has a lustful walk etc. That Girl also knows that she is getting attention and to grab more of that pie, she will keep making herself look as attractive as possible. Girls do all this- may be in the name of social and personal freedom but the motive may be only to grab attention. It is justified that everyone likes to seek some attention but doing anything to get a lustful attraction of men is always dangerous for her. So, she must think to dress up sensibly before going out. Men, on their part, should control their instincts towards a girl. Giving attention and getting attracted to someone have their limits but crossing the line to molest that girl will ultimately put whole men community in question. City Police or any moral brigade can't control these day-to-day issues as they can't monitor every girl on the road.So, it is the duty to whole aam junta there to have situation under control India is a confused country. The country boasts of beautiful nude statues, sculptures at Ajanta, Khjuraho, its science of Kamasutra etc. but advocates to have girl to cover herself properly. We have been listening all social guidelines in media where some unknown personalities guide us with same rules. But can they justify out Kamasutra laden past then? Becoming a preacher and dictating those rules is always easy but to provide a solution to this confusion is very difficult job. Ultimately, its all a duty of he and she of India to do everything in limit keeping a good balance and respect for Indian as well as Western Culture.

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